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The Combat Medical First Responder course is a 3-day basic course in providing medical aid under tactical conditions. The Combat Medical First Responder course should be completed by everyone who plans to go to regions of military activity or to places at high risk of terrorist attacks… but is it so? The recent events show clearly that even a supermarket or school may become regions of warfare as they are and that every single person should be able to provide first aid to casualties of such attacks, especially rescue services.

The Combat Medical First Responder course is run in strict accordance with the guidelines of the Combat Medical First Responder Committee and with use of the latest required equipment. The course ends with a written and practical exam. In response to a higher and higher demand of foreign companies for specialists in battlefield medicine, upon completing the training, the participants – provided they have passed all of the exams – will receive two certificates of completion – in Polish and in English. The participants of the course are required to have a tactical vest, a helmet, a gun (a replica) and a headlamp.

The plan of the course covers procedures based on the latest guidelines prepared by instructors from Fort Bragg, which are not yet available in Poland, and consists of the following:

  • management according to the M.A.R.C.H. E. protocol,

  • self-help,

  • arrest of massive haemorrhages with tourniquets and junctional tourniquets and by means of the wound packing procedure,

  • restoration of patency of airways with instruments and without instruments,

  • dressing of penetrating chest wounds,

  • identification and relief of tension pneumothorax,

  • protection against hypothermia,

  • evacuation.

 … and many more: this is just part of the topics covered in the T3C course…

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