The company was founded by Krzysztof Pluta a.k.a. Wir [Whirl] – the first Pole to complete the Special Operations Combat Medic course (i.e. SOCM) provided by the elite school of JSOMTC for US special forces medics in Fort Bragg and the 68W Combat Medic course for US infantry medics in fort Sam Houston. Krzysztof is an operator with over 15 years of experience in special task force Jednostka Wojskowa Komandosów: he spent more than 40 months serving as a medic/operator in regions engulfed in military conflicts, recognised as warzones and a crew member of MEDEVAC helicopters. This translates into his expertise and experience in providing first aid in the battlefield. As part of MA (military assistance) classes, master sergeant Krzysztof Pluta trained special forces combat medics for the Polish, Iraqi, Afghan and US army. In recognition of his services, he was decorated with the Order of the Military Cross and the Mace (i.e. a military equivalent of the Oscars awarded by the Polska Zbrojna monthly).

The SOF-MED-CENTER company hires its instructors from among former medic/operators of Polish special forces, police antiterrorist units and medical personnel with combat experience. Our staff comprises practitioners who acquired their knowledge during high-risk combat missions in Macedonia, Iraq and Afghanistan and as crew members of MEDEVAC helicopters. Our training courses feature the latest equipment in sufficient quantity so that the participants can spend as much time on practice as possible.

Our aim is to train civil personnel and uniformed services in battlefield medicine by preparing them for operation in the tactical environment in the form of world-class quality battlefield medicine courses. We take from vast experience gained during our military missions. Nevertheless, we are aware the standards in the realm of tactical medicine are constantly changing. Therefore, keeping in touch with the instructors of the world best school for special forces medics – Fort Bragg – and members of the TCCC Committee, we modify our training courses immediately after such changes are introduced.

In response to a higher and higher demand for battlefield medicine courses in Europe and over the globe, we run our classes in Polish or English, depending on the needs of our clients.

Do you still have any doubts that company SOF-MED-CENTER is THE company? Come and look at our photo gallery and read our references!

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